Multi-Site Service Line Assessment

During the past few years, a number of HRM clients have raised the question:

Client: Are the services provided at each of our locations consistent and delivered in the same way?
HRM: The answer may surprise you. As an outcome of these requests, HRM now offers a Multi-Site Service Line Assessment, designed to answer strategic questions for a hospital system such as:

  • Are all of our locations performing at the same level of care?
  • Do our staff members perform all of the processes in the same way?
  • Are there “best practices” occurring within different locations which can be emulated and/or copied?
  • Are my operating costs per patient relatively the same?
  • Are there models to restructure the professional services to provide a uniform practice?
  • Are we measuring things the same way at each location?
  • How can we be more efficient and capitalize on economies of scale?

Much like our multi-site assessment, the focus of a single site assessment includes:

  • Work flow analysis
  • Duplication of effort, disconnects in process
  • “Best Practices” which should be copied system wide
  • Documentation, coding, billing and compliance issues
  • Ineffective or misallocated staffing patterns
  • Patient registration, triage and information processing problems
  • Misaligned incentives and goals for the hospital and the practice

Department/Service Line Assessment & Benchmarking

The HRM Assessment will yield potential operational and financial improvements for an individual hospital and the employed or outsourced physician practice, with the expectation of improving the overall departmental performance for the benefit of both parties. The focus of the departmental review is to look for:

  • Duplication of effort, disconnects in process
  • Documentation, coding, billing, and compliance issues affecting the financial success of both parties
  • Ineffective or misallocated staffing patterns
  • Patient registration, patient hand off’ s, and information/data processing problems
  • Misaligned incentives and goals for the parties

Practice Assessment/Financial Support Determination & Adjustment

No less than every three years, hospitals must address the financial terms contained in their Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with each hospital based practice. In today’s environment a number of these practices are no longer self-supporting, therefore requiring hospitals to make hard choices and decisions. At other times, there is an open question whether a structural change in the physician relationship with the hospital may yield improvements in performance; i.e., a shift from an employed model to an independent practice, or vice versa. The HRM Practice Assessment concentrates on those areas of concern to the hospital and/or the physician practice which impact the management and financial success of the practice, including:

  • Documentation of care
  • Coding, billing, and collection processes
  • Compensation and benefit management
  • Staffing models
  • Workload
  • Recruitment issues
  • Leadership

Practice Development & Transition Management

Post assessment of a department or service line, HRM is often asked by clients to assist in either the creation of a new practice, or the repair and rebuilding of an existing one. This service is a core skill set of our business – the provision of ongoing, day-to-day business management services for hospital based practices. Our team is prepared to assist hospitals in:

  • Transitioning employed physicians to a private practice
  • Transitioning independent physicians into a local practice group
  • Rebuilding practice staff, structure, and operating processes
  • Conversion of independent practices to hospital owned entities
  • Assuming transition management of hospital owned practices

We believe it is necessary to work jointly for the benefit of the physicians and the hospitals they serve, i.e., maximizing the income of the physicians balanced against the need to minimize the support costs and expense for the hospital. HRM establishes its fees based on the practice maturity, size and complexity of issues to be addressed.


Process Redesign (Pre/Post Op, Room Turn Over, Triage, Fast Track, Observation, etc.)

HRM utilizes Lean certified leadership and Six Sigma Tools to assess and create recommendations for work flow and site redesign for a number of service lines. These efforts can achieve significant impact in patient satisfaction, length of stay and financial return on investment.

Performance Metrics Tracking and Design

Many hospitals are attempting to identify “best practice” and industry recognized metrics as a basis for measuring practice performance. HRM has the capability to recommend the appropriate metrics based on the service line and the specific hospital/practice under review.

Incentive Compensation Modeling

Many hospitals would like to use key performance indicators to provide incentives that align the goals of the service and the physician compensation. Inappropriate incentives, or the lack of incentives, can create an atmosphere of “lowest common denominator” behaviors; making accountability of performance hard to demonstrate or demand.


HRM can assist the hospital and/or the practice in developing compensation systems which match physician and corporate needs and goals.

Professional Service Agreement Development & Negotiations

Management at HRM has over 30 years in the negotiation and development of Professional Service Agreements for hospital based physicians.

ED Medical Screening Exam Process/Point of Service Payment & Collection

Many hospitals are inundated with patients coming to the Emergency Department with expectations it serves as a community clinic rather than an ED. Hospital Resources Management can assist in the development of a comprehensive approach inclusive of redirecting patients to appropriate services, discharge counseling of patients on payment options and survey tools to capture 90%+ response when departing the department on service satisfaction. This service is negotiable based on the scope of work and time involved.

Leadership and Management, Coaching & Development

Most hospitals take great nurses and make them managers. Unfortunately they often do not get the training or development necessary for them to be as effective as administration had hoped they would be. Subsequently we become challenged to have truly effective management. HRM will assess your management and leadership teams for effectiveness, engagement and growth and determine where the gaps live that could take those departments to the next level. Subsequently, under retainer, we would coach and develop these folks into more effective leaders.

Hospital Resources Management offered a very thorough analysis and list of recommendations for our entire healthcare system. You and your team were very professional; you both listened and communicated well to insure our needs were met. We utilized your analysis as a key strategic tool in setting a path for our Anesthesia practices throughout our healthcare system.
Hospital Resources Management moved our practice from hospital employees to a successful practice in just six months.

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